I went to group therapy for the first time today for the major depression. It was alright. The session gave me some confidence to not be isolated so I went on a picture-taking adventure. This picture same some obvious flaws but that’s alright because the point was not to take a terrific picture but to see new things. The floor piece is called ‘50/50’ and the lighting piece is called ‘Homographies’ and I think both are aptly named. I also saw the Jasper Johns exhibit, not my thing. I particularly liked Frequency and Volume-Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, a tech-piece that turned on radio stations determined by the frequency and volume of a shadow being cast and Dog Luv-Ciprian Muresan, an animal puppet video based on a play were the animals discuss the History of Mankind by citing violence and torture from past to present, but even though the animals learned about the History of Mankind, they fell into the same trap of violence by adopting human attitudes.